Canada Timeline

Coming FromEntry Date Stay DurationDeparture DateLeaving To
United States1997-07-28 6 days1997-08-02United States
United States2002-08-04 2 days2002-08-05United States
United States2008-01-05 1 day2008-01-05United States
United States2011-01-01 1 day2011-01-01United States
United States2012-10-26 1 day2012-10-26United States
United States2014-06-12 1 day2014-06-12Germany
Germany2014-06-29(transit)2014-06-29United States
United States2016-05-01 10 days2016-05-10United States
United States2017-10-15 3 days2017-10-17United States
CountryTimes Arrived FromTimes Departured To
United States88
2 countries2 countries2 countries